I. Business Administration - What you need to know?

Business Administration involves several fields:

·        Finance / Economics: how to maximise profits, reduce losses and turn capital.

·        Human Resources: managing people effectively, recruiting and firing the right people, in the right place.

·        Marketing: entering the market, trading in goods suitable to the target, measuring the market of competitors.

·        Production Management: optimising business roles and creating an effective process.

·        Information systems: Data is extremely important in business, data workers need to know how to manage, optimise and apply technology in business.

Be suitable for all types of personality:

Because Business Administration covers many sectors, the personality of business executives is very diversified, namely:

·        If you love the process, you should belong to Logistic department. Here, you need to plan to manage goods and deliver them to where they are needed.

·        If you are keen on interacting with people, when you work in the HR department, you will develop your qualities.

·        And if you enjoy venture and is willing to take risks, then the planning/development department will be ideal place for you. Let’s plan the business strategy to earn the highest revenue for your organisation!

II. Training Objectives of Business Administration:

Students will be equipped with knowledge on how to perform management functions such as planning, organizing the implementation of the plan, checking and evaluating the business management practices in general as well as the different fields of a business organization. Educating the trainees about the qualities required of an entrepreneur such as the ability to identify situations, the ability to develop and implement business plans, decision-making ability to address issues arising in business practice along with communication, negotiation and public relations skills in all activities, particularly in relationship with business partners.