1. Where do the graduates work?

After graduation, students in Finance and Banking (Corporate Finance) can work in enterprises, securities companies, financial companies, insurance companies, banks, etc.

2. Which position do they work?

After graduation, students in Banking and Finance (Corporate Finance) can work in the following positions: Financial Management Specialist, Corporate Finance Consultant, Financial Analyst, Insurance Expert, Portfolio Manager, Bank officer, etc.

3. Visions and career opportunities

Vietnam is in the process of integration with other countries in the world. Together with the rapid development of financial markets, the expansion and strong growth of domestic and international enterprises, banks, insurance companies, the demand for work in financial field is becoming higher. This is a potential opportunity for the students graduated in Finance and Banking (Corporate Finance concentration). They can have access to jobs with higher wages and more opportunities for development in the future.

4. Why should you choose Vinh University?

Vinh University is a national key university, ranked among the top 10 universities with the best study and research facilities in Vietnam.

Students of Finance and Banking in Vinh University will have access to an advanced training program to meet social needs, solving problems of the gap between school and society, the lack of coherence between teaching and practical application.

Students will be able to experience and approach the practical models at the Banking Practice Center and Securities Company Simulation to help them experience the work activities, which is the premise key for students to choose their career and passions in the future.

Students will have the opportunity to improve soft skills and career skills through many activities such as career training, clubs and team-building sessions held every year.