Accounting is an indispensable part in all organizations. To be an accountant, you are required to be honest, careful, dynamic and creative. Before the constantly changing trend of different industries, accounting is still high stability and attracts many young people to study.

Accounting in integration period

For accounting and auditing, integration period opends up many opportunities and potential chanlleges. From 2017, accounting is one of the eight fields are operated freely in the ESEAN community, creates an opened working condition in an international environment.

To meet the demand of high quality of human resources for accounting, auditing, increasing the competitiveness in the international labor market; many universities take accounting, auditing into the training program, gradually build the program in order to meet stringent demands of the international.

Studying accounting

Accounting is recording, acquisition, processing and providing information about financial situation activities of an organization, enterprise, government agency… This is an important part in economics management field.

Accounting will provide knowledge, skills to help learners control and evaluate the effectiveness of business activities in an organization. Students are equipped with an important tool to implement the collection, processingand testing the financial information. These useful informnation would assist managers in making right decision.

Career opportunity  

Working at private enterprises, joint stock companies, limited liability companies, banks, insurance, enterprises with foreign investment fund, administration offices, schools, hospitals….

Accountant is important job of modern society, especially in the trend of international economic integration and economic crisis situation as nowadays. For this reason, it would give for accounting students a promising future after graduation.

Teaching program

In accounting section, there are three Doctor, 13 Master and seven fellows. They are reputable scientists in teaching, scientific research as well as they are high appreciated by the generations of students.

Planned training programs: accounting and international auditing, corporate accountant, multi-national corporate accountant and modern accounting software application.

With the motto theory associated with practical, major of Accounting of the Department of Economics, Vinh University is trusted destination on the studying path of students, especially the North Central region students.