A fact shows that the process of restructuring the economic activity always needs the resources of banking and finance field in order to develop macro-economic. In the period of 2015-2020, the forecast of high quality human resource demand in this field would reach 130.000 people.

Banking and finance section of the Department of Economics – Vinh University was established in 2006. The most important mission of banking and finance section is to train students to have firm expertise and meet the high requirements of society.

In the banking and finance section, there are 13 lectures that have firm expertise and have improved, fostered the quality of teaching regularly. In addition, the section is constantly innovating teaching method to suitable with society needs in the integration period. The banking and finance section has trained more than 2.000 bachelors from 2008 to the present. After graduation, many students have undertaken the important positions in enterprises, banks such as Agribank, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, VPBank, BIDV….

With increasingly recruitment standards (expertise, skills and English) of commercial banks as well as the development trend of the diversification of business types and the growth of financial market, the banking and finance section towards the construction of narrow specialization such as commercial bank, corporate finance, public finance… Updating the specialized curriculum that being taught at top economics universities in Vietnam and aboard, training is more intensive and bringing more choices for students in the learning process as well as in the future career.