Business activity is complex process which has influenced by many different economic rules, the administration, strategy and other factors. To have a thrive organization/company, it requires full control of business processes, system optimization, cost saving, increased revenues… For these reasons, the Business Administration was established to meet these above requirements. With a deep scientific rationale system and large degree of the economic activity, Business Administration is one of the popular and traditional major of the world.

Goals: Providing basic knowledge about business administration activity; Equipping knowledge for students about performing management functions such as: planning, planning implementation, testing and evaluating; Training to learners the required quality of an entrepreneur such as the ability to identify situations, the ability to build and implement business plan, the ability to make decisions to solve business problems, communication skills, negotiation and relationship with business partners.

Training program:

The Business Administration section is always updating the advanced curriculum that has been teaching in top economics universities in domestic and aboard including general knowledge, section knowledge and specialized knowledge. The program helps students to access all fields such as human resource management, financial management, operational production management, brand management and marketing management. In addition, the program facilitates students to improve soft skills, enhance thinking ability, and work independently. The business administration students have been accessed case study system, discussion questions, business games that help students a lot in improving self training.

Career opportunity

After graduation, the business administration students might work in the following fields: human resource management, production management, marketing management, marketing, PR, supply chain management…

Major of Business Administration is a large door for confident students who dare to confront the challenge. If you would like to engage in business, why not choose Business Administration major for your own path?