The investment economic specialist would help enterprise to appraise investment projects, lending projects as well as help investors to analysis financial statements of the business in order to minimize risk and make accurate, effective decisions

At Vinh University, major of Investment Economics was taken into training from 53th course (2013). Investment Economics program is built meticulously, rich, appropriate and modern. The first two years, students will be equipped with basic knowledge about economics and basic subjects. The final two years, students will be equipped with a synthesis of knowledge and skills through specialized subjects and topics.

The purpose of Investment Economics major is to prepare synthesis knowledge of economic and management as well as supply deep knowledge about project creation and investment project management. In addition, this major equipped knowledge about organization and management of procurement activities of investment consulting, risk management, financial investment and securities investment. Moreover, it helps students to improve presentation skill, team work skill and communication skill. For these reasons, students of Investment Economics major could undertake a job at enterprises, banks, ministries, departments, state management agencies with the following positions:

  • Investment analyst
  • + Credit officer, risk management
  • + Planning officer, economic development strategy
  • + Evaluation expert
  • + Expert of Establishment and management investment projects
  • + Capital management expert


Nowadays, in Vietnam, the number of investment economics officer is not many.  In addition, career opportunities are quite open. For these reasons, it could be stated that Investment Economics is very promising major in the future.