- Foundation: the Department of Economics was established under the Decision No. 870/ QĐ-BGH&ĐT-TCCB dated February 24th 2003 of the Minister of Education and Training.

- Address: 182 Le Duan Street, Vinh city, Nghe An Province

- Email:

- Telephone: 0383.552.496

- Goals: improving the quality of training the following major: Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking & Finance; gradually developing the scientific and technological research activities to meet social needs and international economic integration. 

Human resources and organizational structure

 + Human resources

- There are totally 53 staffs in the Department of Economics including 01 Associate Professor, 04 Doctors, 12 fellows and 29 Masters and 10 staffs are studying Master

- The department has six sections: Economy, Business Administration, Accounting, Financing-Banking, Investment Economy and Auditing.

 + Organizational structure

- Directorate of the Department:

Dean: Associate Professor PhD Bui Van Dung

Deputy dean: Dr Ho My Hanh

Deputy dean: Dr Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc

- Sections:

Section chief of Economy: Dr Nguyen Hoai Nam

Section chief of Business Administration: Dr Ho Thi Dieu Anh

Section chief of Accounting: Dr Pham Thi Thuy Hang

Section chief of Banking and Finance: Dr Dang Thanh Chuong

Section chief of Investment and Development Economy: Dr Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong. 

Materials facility and technology

The Department of Economy is invested to train the high qualify human resources in economic field to meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization and international economic integration.

National cooperation and international cooperation
The Department of Economics has been in a cooperative relationship with a number of agencies and organizations in the country to implement a variety of scientific research project in order to develop economy and international economic integration. Also, the Department sends a number of staffs to study and research aboard such as UK, USA, Thailand, China, Japan, Poland, India, Australia, New Zealand
The Department of Economics has a cooperative relationship with the Universities and Research Institutes in economics field such as National Economics University, Institute of Finance, Foreign Trade University, Institute of Banking and University of Commerce.


+ Undergraduate Graduate

- Bachelor of Business Administration
- Bachelor of Accounting
- Bachelor of Banking & Finance
- Bachelor of Economics (Major of Investment economics, development economics and Economics management)
+ Postgraduate

Master of Economics

In addition, the Department of Economics is currently training and certification of the following:
- General accounting
- Computing Accounting
- Chief accountant
- Enterprise administration
- Sale marketing
- Securities investment
- Banking skill

Development orientation  

The Department of Economics will continue to improve training quality; increase scientific research activities to meet the cooperation, exchange and social-economy development demand.