1.  Focus on the mobile platform for social networking

Facebook is currently the largest and most visited social network today. According to statistics, users primarily access Facebook by phone and 84% of revenue of Facebook advertising is from the phone. Along with that is the growth of Snapchat and Instagram, which leads mobile platforms to increasing importance of businesses. So let's find out and get ready for it.

Users tend to access more mobile phones

Nguyen Minh Quy, Chairman and CEO of Novaon Internet Group, commented: "According to the poll, the most effective advertising and marketing channel is Facebook, with the highest growth rate in the world, over 40% in the world. Vietnam market is relatively special with advertising revenue of Facebook in Vietnam by Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia combined. Skill of exploiting Facebook of Vietnamese businesses is regarded as an ideal approach for other countries in the region, even many people think that Vietnamese businesses must train Facebook users in business.

         2.  Customer experience marketing is increasingly popular. 

        Customer experience marketing is to ensure that customers have a good experience when you market to them. It is becoming more popular, with 68% of marketers saying their business is increasingly focusing on the customer experience in the marketing process. A customer's perspective on your business or brand is the total experience they have had with you. Creating a positive customer experience helps you build brand loyalty. For example, between two online stores selling the same item, the store that brings a better buying experience will be chosen by the customer. Some figures demonstrate the importance of the mobility: 

- Mobile phones are the most popular means of web browsing, accounting for 51.4%. 

- Laptop ranked second, accounting for 43.4%. 

- About 70% of searches were done on mobile devices this year. Therefore if you do not prepare a strategy for mobile, you can only market the remaining 30%.

3. Content marketing will become increasingly important

        Content marketing is a marketing activity based on the delivery of valuable, useful, relevant and relevant content to the customer. Content marketing today plays an important role in reaching out and keeping customers stay with the business.

Blog posts, videos, images, or scripts are different forms of content marketing.

According statistic, 70% of survey respondents said they wanted to learn a business through article rather than an advertising. More importantly, content marketing is still the most economical form of marketing compared to other types. This is also a form that can generate more potential customers.