To meet the demand of employers about practical ability of students after graduation, improve the necessary skills and create advantages for students, Vinh University and Viet Victory Company jointly organized to build and transfer of practical training model in economics field including bank simulation, company simulation and virtual security

The model allows students to experience the transactions, situations and professional practice with modern material facilities system including:  reception, work desk for bank clerk, the departments of: Business, Accounting, Administration – Human Resources, Customer service, International Payment and Securities.

By joining practicing, students would be worked on banking system Core –Banking, securities practice software Core-Securities, enterprise management software ERP and performed on actual records. Moreover, the instructors are qualified lectures, experiences as well as leaders, professionals who are currently working in banks, business and large financial companies.

The jobs are trained includes: bank clerk, personal customer officer, corporate customer officer, international payment officer, securities officer, general accounting officer, marketing officer, administrative management officer, recruitment officer, personnel  management officer and business officer.

This training program is a contribution of necessary professional skills besides the formal knowledge that learned in university curriculum. For this reason, it would ensure that after graduation, students might undertake the jobs in banks, companies and enterprises with corresponding training titles.

The Opening ceremony of practical training model was started at 7.00pm on October 12th 2016 at 7th Floor of the Executive Building. All officers, faculty and students are welcome to the Opening ceremony. 

Here are some pictures of opening ceremony: