According to the plan, the Faculty of Economics welcomed 59th   cohort students enrolling in 2 phases:  the first in 07/8/2018 and the second in 15-17 / 08/2018 with 5 majors : Business Administration, Accounting, Banking – Finance, Investment Economics and Agricultural Economics

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics has instructed responsible staffs (study advisors, student – manager, the Executive Committee of the Federation of Students, the Executive Committee of the Union of Students) co-operated to organize the reception at office effectively. Volunteer Youth Teams of Economics, Clubs, and affiliated teams have carefully prepared each step in the enrollment process to help new students enroll quickly and conveniently. Based on passion and expertise, responsible staffs also guided students to enroll in clubs, teams. Besides, teachers in the Faculty Board, study advisors, training assistants regularly were in the faculty office to advise, solve problems or concerns related to learning activities, some principles and help new students settle down to start the new school year.

At the end, the Faculty of Economics welcomed 697 new students to Vinh University. Hopefully with the enthusiastic attention of all staffs, lecturers and senior students will create a good start and an important premise during course of 4 years for studying and practicing at Vinh University – Top National Universities of Vietnam.

Some photos in the reception times:


Volunteer Youth Teams guided new students to enroll the papers