Although it was just established more than one year, Economics English Club (EEC) (the Department of Economics, Vinh University) has become familiar home to the students with more than 300 members.

The main purpose of EEC, firstly, is to promote the use of English among students of the Economics Department. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa (The club founder) shared that “we want to give students a friendly and helpful playground to improve a range of skills such as fund raising, event organization and team work. The EEC also provides opportunities for students to practice English and communication skill”; Secondly, to eliminate didacticism out from learning English by a range of fun activities (video clips, games, pictures and stories). With this motto, the EEC members would have opportunities to improve not only academic achievement but also general English skills.

The highlight events of the EEC such as “Exciting Race”, “Halloween Night”, a series of theme meeting every month, funny games and activities that stimulate English reflection for students.

Last September, the EEC organized to teach English B1 level for all students of Vinh University for one month and received encouraging results: 80% of students passed the B1 exam confidently.  Dau Ha Linh (major of Banking and Finance, Department of Economics, B1 valedictorian) shared that EEC will not only help students to explore English in a new way but also creates a training environment that facilitates them more confident and braver.  Truly, EEC is a house where students could save all the beautiful memories”. As a result, EEC was awarded the Certificate of Merit by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Vinh University because of the outstanding achievements in Youth movements. In the future, EEC would develop as an English community for the purpose of spreading, inspiring English to everyone in the society.