Fragipani Flower Club of the Economics Department was established on March 16th 2010. The club has made many contributions to the Economics Department in particular and to Vinh University in general in linking Vietnam – Laos’s friendship.  

The Economics Department of Vinh University has started to train Laos students since 2004. As of September 20th, 2016, the Economics Department has been training nearly 300 Laos students. In current, the Department has 113 Laos students who are studying four majors included Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Investment Economics and Accounting.

Because of language restrictions and customs differences, Laos’ students feel shy, afraid to communicate, not often participate in many activities of the Department and University as well as the academic result is not really high. For this reason, the Champa club was established to teach Vietnamese, specialized subjects and organize the exchange programs for Laos students every week. These activities help them more sociable and confident in communication. Some Laos students said “the Champa club is a place where we could open our heart to learn Vietnamese in the most comfortable way”. During the time of examination coming, the volunteers of Champa club will help Laos students to revise content and prepare for final exam. Consequently, the Champa club’s members had high academic result than non members as well as the number of fail subjects is reduced. These results come from the huge efforts of Laos students and volunteers in Champa club.

To celebrate the 41st anniversary of the National Day of Lao People’s Democratic Republic (December 2nd 1975 – December 2nd 2016), the club organized many cultural exchanges, sports for Laos students to take part in such as: singing songs in Vietnamese and Laos. Consequently, the friendship between Vietnam  and Laos is stronger by time.

Here are some pictures of the Club's activities: