On December 16th 2016, the final competition of “VinhUni’s Got Talent 2016” was taken placed with many unique, creative, intelligent and dynamic parts. “VinhUni’s got talent” was launched from the end of September 2016. The preliminary had over 300 students and 30 registered repertoires. The finale had 15 repertoires of singing, dancing, painting, magic and contemporary folk.

Department of Economics had two candidates in the final competition, they are Tran Quoc Tu – class 56B3 – major of Banking and finance and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai – class 56B4 – major of Business Administration. Quoc Tu and Ngoc Mai are typical students in the union and youth movements. Both of them had excellent performances, as a result, they achieved third prize in the competition.

Currently, Ngoc Mai is the main choreographer of the dancing team; she is in charge with staging and training instructions for dancing team of the Economics Department. Quoc Tu is vice president of the magic club of Vinh University. He jointed many programs, contributed unique, attractive, interesting repertoires.

Participating in the “VinhUni’s Got Talent 2016” competition, Quoc Tuan and Ngoc Mai had good preparation and excellent performance. Wish them will always pursue their passion and have meaningful activities at the Economics Department. 

Here are some pictures of the prize awarding ceremony: